EME Laboratory Ltd. is a Russian company which specializes in the design and manufacture of direct drive Generators and Torque Motors with the best performance in its class. At the core of the Company is a group of engineers and scientists who love their work and are high-class specialists. Their creative rethinking together with world-wide experience in the field of wind power have enabled them to develop and put into production an extended line up of efficient low speed generators for a wide variety of direct drive applications. Since 2015 our Company has started development of Torque Motors, which use all our successful experience, developments and technologies embodied in the AW Generators.

With the help of innovative AW generators, it is much easier to solve the following complex tasks:

  • Expand the scope of wind and hydro installations by developing geographical areas with weaker winds/currents;
  • Significantly increase electricity generation in kWh by increasing the efficiency of the system with AW;
  • Reduce the cost (material consumption) of the entire system due to the record low weight of AW.

Using the accumulated technologies, knowledge and experience, in 2015, a company was created on the basis of All-Wind ElectroMoment and the development of innovative power electric drives EM with high torque.