Our innovative products open up new opportunities for the Small Wind Turbines (SWT) manufacturers to improve their wind turbines and to achieve better technical features. SWTs with the output power from 5 to 10 kW are becoming more and more popular for electricity supply of farms, town houses and small enterprises located in coastal zones with strong and stable winds.
  • The AW generators (alternators) of the high power range offer unbeatable electrical and mechanical features due to the unique All-Wind Technologies:

    — specific power is 2-4 times higher relative to analogues
  • — ultra-low RPM operating range: 0 to 500 rpm.
  • — absence of the effect of pole "sticking"
  • — for use in precision servos and wind turbines
  • — high efficiency of electronic braking in the generation mode
  • — high torque in electric motor mode
  • — modularity of the design.

Due to the CCSC-3® and MFF® Technologies the AW-III Series generators are not only the most efficient and low-speed ones but also significantly lighter than similar products from other producers! A low starting torque makes it possible to successfully use the AW products not only for horizontal wind turbines (HWT) but also for vertical wind turbines (VWT). In this range we use multi-pole 3-phase stators with coils based on the patented CCSC-3® stacking technology.

We have also developed the technology of glass fiber reinforcement of the stator and the under-pressure filling of the stator coils using special epoxide compounds. As a result our stators possess an extremely high level of mechanical strength as well as low weight and ensure a reliable sealing of the windings from atmospheric exposure. In this model we first used the patented MFF® technology rotor which increases the output power of the generator by up to 15%! High quality parts with anticorrossion protection.
All the metal parts and components of our generators are protected against corrosion, ranging from the stainless steel shaft to various anti-corrosion coatings of all surfaces. Having such an all-in corrosion protection, there is no need to make a generator body completely sealed. So we can prevent the accumulation and freezing of condensate inside the body at low temperatures.