EME Laboratory Ltd. is a Russian company which specializes in the design and manufacture of direct drive Generators and Torque Motors with the best performance in its class. At the core of the Company is a group of engineers and scientists who love their work and are high-class specialists. Their creative rethinking together with world-wide experience in the field of wind power have enabled them to develop and put into production an extended line up of efficient low speed generators for a wide variety of direct drive applications. Since 2015 our Company has started development of Torque Motors, which use all our successful experience, developments and technologies embodied in the AW Generators.

Key advantages of All-Wind generators:
The high specific capacity of All-Wind generators (output capacity per unit weight) significantly outperforms those from competing producers. This means that with similar dimensions and weight, our generators provide more power than those of our competitors. The coefficient of efficiency for All-Wind generators, depending on the model, is up to 90%.
All-Wind generators are uniquely lightweight and compact, which is achieved by using patented designs. The generators use much less metal in their construction than do the products from other producers, while also being highly durable and having a long life. The generator's small weight and dimensions make it possible to reduce the size and price of the whole wind turbine.
The highest energy efficiency at low speeds in the industry means that the generators can support any type of wind turbine with the widest range of wind speed. The use of air-cooling reduces maintenance costs and also significantly strengthens the autonomy of power units based on All-Wind generators.
Modular construction makes it possible to unite several generators into a single construction for reaching a capacity of up to 10 000 watts (two or three-phase version). The current range of All-Wind generators can satisfy a wide range of consumer needs in the small wind power industry. Generators with capacities from 500 to 3000 watts are available. If requested, All-Wind generators can be customized for the use in almost any wind turbine.
The high-quality assembly of the generators is guaranteed by 10 years' experience without losing key features, and the first two years are covered by free warranty. All-Wind generators comply with every single European Union standard and all the company's production facilities are based in the EU. When you buy an All-Wind power generator, you are contributing to the European economy!
The 100% environmentally clean technology and materials used in production during its long service life and the future recycling of All-Wind products are absolutely harmless for the environment.

With the help of innovative AW generators, it is much easier to solve the following complex tasks:
To expand
Expand the scope of wind and hydro installations by developing geographical areas with weaker winds/currents
Significantly increase electricity generation in kWh by increasing the efficiency of the system with AW;
Reduce the cost (material consumption) of the entire system due to the record low weight of AW.
History of EME Laboratory Ltd.
Every year, the All-Wind team presents new developments and technologies that provide unsurpassed technical characteristics of our low-speed electric machines:
creation of All-Wind trademark and introduction of the CCSC®
introduction of the CCSC-3® Technology and the serial production of the AW products
introduction of the new generation of AW products with the MFF® Technology
introduction of the Oil Cooling version of AW with increased output power: AW-I Turbo
introduction of AW-III Series and AW-II Mark2 generators
presentation of new electrical machines with outer rotor and new series of generators for diesel power plants (AW-xx-F Series)
introduction of the new generation of AW-I Mk2 and AW-I-F Mk2 alternators with enhanced output characteristics and extended installation versatility. The output power of AW-I Mk2 is increased by 25..50% in comparison with the previous generation of the AW-I alternators due to the improved MFF® Technology