The companies participating in the All-Wind project have not only unique competencies, but also the necessary set of testing and production equipment for the development and serial production of electric machines with record specific characteristics. These characteristics have been confirmed and highly appreciated by expert and scientific communities, including the defense of theses and dissertations on AW electric machines at St. Petersburg Polytechnic State University.

The first buyers who appreciated the high quality and unsurpassed characteristics of AW series products were manufacturers of small wind and hydroelectric power plants in the EU.

Currently, we are expanding the scope of application of our electric machines towards more massive and promising market segments and new industries, which include: diesel power plants and vehicles with hybrid power plants.

We invite you to cooperate:
Industrial partners:

If you represent a manufacturing company that has basic competencies and the ability to mass-produce on its production base:

Electric vehicles with hybrid powerplant
Small and medium wind turbines
Modern diesel power plants of the inverter type

Мы готовы вступить с Вами в кооперацию для построение новой технологической цепочки и поможем подтянуть необходимые новые компетенции.

Private investors:

Representatives of venture funds or investment banks for the implementation of our ready-made investment projects in the field of the introduction of innovative electric machines (electric drives and electric generators) in various industries: from UAVs to oil and gas projects and housing and communal services

We are ready to discuss with you the creation of an appropriate joint-stock company or group of companies to organize, finance the development, production and marketing of export-oriented products and complex innovative systems