In the year 2011, a group of experienced engineers and physicists decided to refute the view that there is nothing left to create in generator construction in order to significantly improve its technical features. The specialists took on the challenge and established a special department for Research & Development. As a result of their creative activities they came up with low-speed generators based on permanent magnets for the small wind power industry which are currently the most efficient best-in-class electric machines due to their unbeatable technical features.
Thus, the combination of unique CCSC® and MFF® technologies in generators based on permanent magnets provides unparalleled efficiency and unit power!
In the 21st century, only innovative companies can be successful. If your company is engaged in innovative development and production of wind turbines, you cannot do without state-of-the-art alternators. If you develop the most efficient wind-wheel but still use a conventional alternator, your achievement will probably not be fully realized. Due to the unique technologies of All-Wind, you have the opportunity to use the most efficient and advanced alternators in your construction, in order to make your wind turbines significantly outperform those from competitors!

Benefits of the All-Wind Technologies are:
1. Starting torque close to zero. Even a child’s breath is sufficient to start our generator;
2. Extremely high efficiency at low speed. Power generation begins quickly and with high output;
3. Construction which is simple and designed for production. Our generators are easy to install, connect and maintain for the whole period of their service life;
4. High reliability. All-Wind power generators can work in even the hardest conditions;
5. Reasonable price and long service life guarantee an excellent return on investment.