OIL COOLING Technology - higher efficiency in the heat removal from the stator

There are two most common ways how to remove the heat: - heat transmission via external body; - partial heat transmission to rotor through the air gap between the stator and rotor. However, thermal conductivity of air in comparison with metals or liquids is very small. For the permanent magnet (PMG) electrical machines it is important to prevent overheating of the magnets which may lead to irreversible demagnetizing and electrical machine failure.

Low RPM working range of the All-Wind electrical machines makes it possible to use special low-viscosity and thermal conductive liquids for the improved heat transmission. These liquids inside of the electrical machine helps to transfer excess heat from stator wiring to the external body more effectively.

Our engineers have developed hermetically sealed electrical machines that guarantee protection against liquid leaks throughout the entire service life of the product. They also provided optimal coolant circulation for efficient heat removal from the stator windings to the machine body.

Thus, OIL COOLING Technology allows us to remove heat from stator wiring more effectively. At the same time, increased area of All-Wind electrical machines surface, completely dissipates and removes the heat, even without an additional air blowing. As a result, OIL COOLING Technology improved the efficiency of our electrical machines by more than 20%!