AW-IV-F Series Generators

for diesel power plants with a capacity of up to 300 kW.

Synchronous generators of the AW-IV-F series have an efficiency of about 98% and are designed for diesel power plants (DES) with a capacity of up to 300 kW in two versions:
1) AW-IV-F ER-invertor — for modern inverter-type DES with a range of operating speeds from 600 to 3000;
2) AW-IV-F ER — for special purpose DES with a 3-phase output voltage of 380 V and a frequency of 400 Hz.
The main advantages of an inverter—type DES are high efficiency at variable load and high quality of power supply with the ability to provide the required set of AC and DC output voltages with the required parameters at the output of the inverter.
When creating special-purpose mobile DES with a frequency of 400 Hz based on AW-IV-F ER models without using an inverter, small installation dimensions and a pure sine at the output are provided with almost complete absence of phase shift between current and voltage. In any case, when integrating AW-IV-F into the DES, a significant gain is provided both in efficiency and in reducing the mass dimensions of the installation. A design feature of the AW-IV-F series generators is the layout with an external rotor (rotating housing), which significantly reduced the weight of the generator.